How we work

Business Openers’ BrandPositioner©
It is known of strong brands that they are based on one primal character, an archetype. We developed the BrandPositioner© model in order to help in determining what archetype your brand is. A clear brand positioning from one of these archetypes strengthens recognizability of and trust in the brand, because people are unconsciously familiar with it. Continue..

Business Openers’ BrandHouse©
In order to actually start working with the brand with the entire organisation, it is of great importance that the chosen position is formulated clearly and powerfully. Our own BrandHouse© model sums up the brand in a powerful manner so that it is immediately understood by everyone and can be used as an internal compass. By an appealing and exciting implementation, the brand binds and fascinates not only the customers, but also the employees. Continue

Four-phase Internal Branding approach
Internal Branding is making use of the brand in order to get employees focused on the objectives of the market. According to Business Openers this is done in four phases: explaining the brand, signifying the brand, experiencing the brand and anchoring the brand in systems and processes. Continue

OGSM; 1 page business strategy
OGSM stands for Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures. At a glance it is clear how various components relate to the objective and to each other. This makes it a powerful tool for guarding progress and focus. Continue