The 1 Page Business Strategy – streamline your business plan in 4 simple steps

Every person has plans. Because that makes life fun and meaningful. Every organization has plans. Because that is what shareholders, staff and of course customers expect. So far so good.

However … more often than not, we fail to realize our plans. This is true both for individuals and businesses. One of the reasons for this is that, even in our work, we are often too preoccupied with the issues of the day and therefore simply don’t get to executing our plans. Another reason might be a coworker drawing up plans without involving anybody, as a result of which the plan lacks support. And sometimes it just seems safer and easier to keep on dreaming (thus deliberately keeping your plans vague or at a distance) than to take the risk and just do it. In short, there are many plans and not enough good plans. From now on this will change.

The method is called OGSM. It is a methodology that helps you to solidify your dreams, ideas and plans to such an extent that you will be able to reach them. OGSM is a plan on 1 page (yes, you read that right: only 1 page) that leads from vision to action. It connects ambitious goals to concrete activities. It helps to make good plans and execute them smartly, whether it’s for work or private. Because it is nice to have dreams or plans, but coming up with good plans and realizing them is much more enjoyable.

“I still use the OGSM methodology and am convinced that OGSM, if properly applied, can really help individuals, teams and companies move forward.” – Isabelle Spindler-Jacobs, Retail Director at Heineken Netherlands and top woman of the year 2010

Let’s get started!
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Download the OGSM Template
In order to help you create your one page business strategy, you can download here the OGSM template in PowerPoint format.