What we do

Brand Positioning – why
In practice, opportunities of a brand’s positioning are often not used to their full potential. In most cases, the brand consists of a range of ideas from the marking or communications department. In the words of Jim Collins, we help our clients ‘from good to great’ by incorporating a well-chosen brand positioning into a simple model. In this manner, the brand is a compass for everyone in the organisation. All decisions and all actions directly contribute to what makes the organisation unique and successful. Continue

Internal Branding – how
A brand is the most powerful tool a company has to bind a customer to it emotionally. It is the icon that gives meaning to its services and products. The brand has already been used for a long time now to steer the perception of the customer into a certain direction. A newer idea is to use the brand internally, too, in order to steer employees. If they embrace the brand and apply it in their work, this increases the chances for the company to make its ambitions in the market a reality. Business Openers helps companies with formulating a clear promise (Brand Positioning), and then fulfilling this promise both internally and externally (Internal Branding). Continue

Business Strategy – what
Much ambition, but no action? Or rather much action, without any vision? Do it all and leave nothing? Living according to the whim of the day? Can any one of these symptoms be found in your organisation? We help out client by means of structuring OGSM plans and putting them down on 1 page. Continue

Does your company exist less than 3 years? In the meantime, has your turnover reached in between 0.5 and 3 million euros? And do you have a specific challenge or a problem regarding the future of your company? Then we at Business Openers can help you on your way. Continue