Brand Positioning

It is known that strong brands distinguish themselves from the market by their recognizable brand personality. Yet, only few brands succeed at communicating an authentic, relevant and above all distinctive brand personality to their customers, employees and other important stakeholders.

A strong brand not only has functional features such as a logo or a slogan, but also emotional ones. In order to be able to transcend the functional level, these strong brands have based a brand personality on an archetype, a primal character. By clearly positioning the brand from the perspective of one archetype you strengthen the recognizability of and trust in your brand, because people are unconsciously familiar with it.
In the words of Jim Collins, we help our clients ‘from good to great’ by incorporating a well-chosen brand positioning into a simple model. In this manner, the brand is a compass for everyone in the organisation. All decisions and all actions directly contribute to what makes the organisation unique and successful.