Business Strategy

Much ambition, but no action? Or rather much action, without any vision? Do it all and leave nothing. Living according to the whim of the day? Can any one of these symptoms be found in your organisation? We help out client by means of structuring OGSM plans and putting them down on 1 – that’s right; one – page.

Business Openers stands for making ambitions reality. An OGSM process with Business Openers leads to a clear and powerful business plan that can easily be translated to departments and staff members.

Read more about our new book ‘The 1 page Business Strategy – Streamline your Business Plan in 4 simple steps’ or order your copy here.

Download the OGSM App
To help you create your OGSM you can download the ‘OGSM app’. This app takes you through the model step by step; it helps you to put the right things in the right place. You can also use the app to track your progress in time AND share your OGSM with for example your colleagues. Download ‘OGSM app’ now on the Apple App Store or on Google PlayTM Store!